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start getting excite, a little worked up. >> reporter: that's when he said he tried to get his dog under control. >> i had him on the ground and i was subduing him when the officer came and pull me off the dog. >reporter: so far agreed that's how it went down. this is what an eyewitness told news4 sunday about what happened next. >> one dog came loose and bit a man and he fell to the ground. the officer then put his hand on the dog's throat to try to restrain the dog. the dog spun around and bit the officer's hand. >> he said that's not how it happened. >> the dog was in a painful position. he grabbed the dog, slipped him down th stairs on to his back. the officer came to the top of the stairs, fired one shot. did not imdiately killed my dog. they left himo bleed out at the bottom of the stairs. >> several other people who saw what happened corroborated
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block's version of the story. while still distraught about what happened, he raised another concern. >> not only did they shoot and ki may dog but they fired a blet into a confooned concrete space with ten of thousand of people around. >> the 25-year-old keeps dogs for a period time while an adoption agency tries to find them a permanent home. >> i'm going to sart fostering dogs as a result of this. hopefully we can educate some people in the mpd. this isn't acceptable. >> reporter: yesterday mpd said the shooting appeared justified. she backed off that statement. she told me that the investigation is onoing. the chief also add that had at is point last year, there have been 14 shootings involving officers and dogs. to date this year there have been five. from adms morgan, jim, back to you. >> it was açó busy day. now to a developing story this evening from southeast
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washingto police tell us an armored truck guard was shot in the eye at a popeye's on malcolm x boulevard. the armor truck driver drove the guard to a local hospital before police arrived at the scene. no word yet on the grd's condition. no arrests have been made. a suicide investigation led to a bomb scare at an apartment complex overnight. the police went to the building in the 400 block of sunnybrook terrace after the suicide was reported and that's when they found three pipe bombs. police ended up detonating the bombs in a field. the apartment complex had to be evacuated during the ordeal. it is not clear w made those bombs. well, it is election-eve in the district and tonight mayor adrian fuente wrapped upthe last full day of campaigning. trying to sway any last of-minute undecided and urging people to get out the vote.
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tomherwood joins us. >> reporter: fenty is trailing gray in every poll. >> four more years! >> reporter: they're for fenty. >> no more yes! >>eporter: they're for gray. and then there is stereo. >> 50/50. four more years. >> reporter: adrian fenty showed up at the last early voting site wearing the jersey the tm gave him during a communicate ent. taking hard from the skins' last minute win that he hopes to replicate. >> it was a great game. and it was a little bit of a tough win. but any win against the cowboys is a great win. >> reporter: it was a last-minute win. do you hope for a last-minute win here? >> like last night, any win is a great win. >> reporter: the d.c. democratic party held out a get out the
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vote rally. where gray was warmly greeted. he leads in the polls and is guarding against overconfidence with his supporters. >> we've been workingor week on our get out the vote effort. robocalls, with knock on the door, with fans, whatever it taks. >> reporter: gray says his campaign has struck a chord with those who don't like fenty's aloof style even if they like some of what he's done. >> i think i bring inclusive style. i have a track forward for being an incloosive person. >> reporter: both gray and fen official continue to glcomplain about alleged vote buying efforts. they are holding their primaries tomorrow. with less than 24 hours to go, candidates are ming a final
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push before election day. >> reporter: this is chris gordon covering the executives. one of the five candidates in the primary is likely to win the job. i'll preview the race ahead. president obama paid a visit to a family in fairfax county to push his plan to cut taxes for the middle class. the president went to the home of john nicholas and nicole armstrong who live in fairfax with their twin children. the president met with them on the economy and said he wanted to raise taxes only on the wealthiest americans. >> go back to the rate when bill clinton was president. i want to remind everybody, at that time we had 22 million jobs created. much faster income. the economy was hummin pretty good. >> reporter: the president urging congss to pass the plan this week but some democrats have joined the on that signifiant. jerry connelly and senator jim
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webb are against thatplan. northern virginia commuters may have hit a snag if they took metro tis morning. elevators at half of arlington's ten stations were out of service. it is unclear what caused the outages and metro tells us, it could have been different issues at each of the stions. metro says repairs were made to three of the stations but elevators will be out at the rosslyn and pentagon stations unil later this week. we've had a beautiful day. >> yesterday we got some needed rain. we're starting the week off on the right track. doug cammerer is tracking conditions. >> some locations picked up from a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. today, look at this. a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine. bright blue skies. out toward sugar loaf mountain, a beautiful afternoon to get out and about.
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85 degrees, the current temperature. dew point only 55 degrees. that makes the humidity 36%. we're seeing a wind out of the south southwest. we'retarting to warm up. haguetown around 85 degrees. 86 in sterling. culpeper, the warm spot. over toward annapolis, about 76. but great weather no matter where you are. overnight, 70 degrees. 68 by 11:00. tomorrow morning, waking up to another nice morning. 61 about 9:00. degrees at 7:00 a.m. ill this gat weather continue for the rest of the week. that's coming up. the redskins are probably saying, how do you like me now? >> we've got a new era in our town. >> we're loving this. lindsay is live. tonight coach shanahan and donavan mcnabb are celebrating. they're wearing it well. >> reporter: the players all got a victory monday because of that
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big win. this mean a lot to the players involved because ty believe in this new system since day one. for them to do that at home, to accomplish a victory over dallas in front of a record home crowd, that really means everything. everyone knows a win over the cowboys is all they care about. let's take you back to the game action. it was mike shanahan's first real chance to tape the rivalry. four seconds to the in the first half. skins up three. tony romo setting up. deangelo hall with the heads-up play. he was the preseason turnover hitter. takes the 32-yard team. get to score and they take a lead. here we are at the very end of the game. three seconds to go. third and 10. the cowboys with one chance. romo connects with williams. llas thinks it is a touchdown
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but there is a flag on the play. donavan mcnabb and others see it. it does not count. the redskins beat the cowboys 13-7. coach mike shanahan knows, it wasn't pretty but il take a "w anyway i can get it. >> at the end of the day, you have to find a way to win. the offense plays well, the defense plays well. the end of the day, there is only one thing that really matters. that's finding a way to win. if you win the national football league, enjoy it. it doesn't happen all the time. for the next day, the next couple days, we'll go back and figure out the thing we could have done better after winning or losing. that's what you do. > players said they enjoyed the win with you mike shanahan said he had to leave very late. he got up very early. he sai that drive home, it takes an hour. something tells me he did a little celebrating after the game with his players. >> you know it. all right. thanks. we'll check back in a bit. still ahead, a high school
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player collapses on the football field. >> this miracle ending that caught everyone by surprise. also coming up, undercover cameras capture the hidden world of teens wait until you see what they get caught doing when their parents aren't around. and what happened to the hours before the discovery that could reveal a motive for the murder? a a new study finds children labeled as adhd may not be. how your child's birthday could pl a role in the misdiagnosis. news4 at 5:00 is just getting started.
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no oil has flod into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find wayto help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payment more than $375 million.
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we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it d restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna beere until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. fast forward through the headlines, a man is filing a complaint withhe d.c. police department after an officer shot and killed his dog. police tell us the dog was
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aggressive after biting two people. the pet's owner says his dog was calm and trying to break free from a painful position. right now d.c. police are looking for a gunman who shot an armored truck guard at popeye's here on malcolm x boulevard. the armor he had a truck driver drove the guard to a hospital before police arrived. so far no arrests have been made. and the hard fought race for mayor in the district come to a head tomorrow. voters head to the poll on election day. the chalnger vince gray is leading mayor adrian febty and all the preelection polls. both candidates are wking hard today to get out their vote. and a beautiful monday. and it looks like what have we got coming up? >> a greateek. a really great week. we've seen somereat weather over the last few days. if you wantxd it to continue, you're going to get your wish. temperature in the low to mide 80s. men of sunshine. look at that shot. just gorgeous out there. it will continue to be nice
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throughout the evening. a nice night to get out and about and tomorrow morning, still looking very, very nice as well. the temperature out there, into the middle 80s across the region. sitting at 85 degrees at the airport under mostly sunny skies. 36 degrees. winds at 13 miles per hour. live digital doppler radar, no rain to talk about. i think we'll be dry for much of the week. the only chance we have of rain come at the end of the week. we'll talk more about that. 88 degrees in frederick, 80 in baltimore. to the west of the district, culpeper at 80. salisbury around 76 degrees. so a little bit of a temperature difference of about 10 to 15 degrees. so not a bad day anywhere you go. across the area we've seen plenty of sunshine during the day today. we all are watching the front. they'll stay away from our region becse as we lose the sunlighttonight, w'll lose some of the instability. it is going to stay nice across the area. it will come through around 8:00
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tomorrow morning and then drift on down to the south. and behind it, high pressure moves in. and we stay very nice for the day tomorrow as well. on wednesday, more of the same. high pressure domiting. that has been t theme over the past couple weeks. areas of high pressure across the region. a major hurricane igor now. wis of 150 miles an hour. five degrees shy of a category 5 storm. it is expected to lose a little strength but it is expected to make its way toward bermuda. very close to a category 3. very close a major hurricane. f you have interest in bermuda, watch out. it is also expected to make its way back out in the open atlantic. it should not affect us. this eving, partly cloudy. quiet and dry. 70 to 78 degrees tomorrow morning when you're waking up. a nice morning. clea comfortable, 53 to 61 degrees. your forecast tomorrow, a nice day. breezy at time. 78 to 82 degrees. as we move on through the next four days, the temperature 81 on wednesday. maybe a late shower on thursday but most of thursday should be on the dry side. friday, a high temperature of 78
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degrees. guys? >> loving it. thanks, doug. as parents you try to teach your kids to do what's right and how to stay safe. do those lessons stick when they're on their own? >> kate snow went undercover see how real kids respond to tough situations. wr all try to be good parents. but are we being effective? we met a group of parents who allowed us to secretly videotape their children in challenging situations. have they taught their kids the right thing when it come to lting a stranger in the house? dealing with bally? >> we lose. thatas your fault. >> reporter: or how about this? gettinin a car with someone they think has been drinking. these two teens have no idea the other kids in th room are actors hired by "dateline one of them is pretending to be drinking. >> you're drinking alcohol? >> whatever.
5:18 pm
i was drinking this morning for my birth day. >> reporter: they had they're here to audition for a reality tv show but in fact their parents are in the next room watching what they'll do. >>s far as they know, he was drinking this morning and he's been dinking out of that bottle and they see half of it is gone. >> reporter: that's when the producer says to drive over to the studio a give the keys to the actor playing drunk. will anyone object? despite what they've been taught about the dangers of drinking and driving, everyone hops in. >> i'm scared. >> why? >> because he w drinking. >> but you still went. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's disappointing but according to experts, no surprise. >> those kids aren't alone. the majority of kids would get in that car. >> we'll try it again with another group of kids hoping for a different result. and looking for ways to make those important parenting lessons stick. >> some tough choices there that
5:19 pm
even adults might find difficult to make. kate snow joins us with more. how did you decide which situation to test them in? >> reporter: we had millions of ideas, i have to say. we chose those that seem to be the most current. the thing that people really agonize over that one youjust saw being one of them. bullying, another topic so in the news right now that happens at every school in the country. we talk about stranger danger. what do you do to protect your kids from the possibili of getting in a car or opening the door to a stranger? throws some of e one we looked at. >> sometimes psychologically they just do it because it just, maybe they don't know how to not do it. how to get out of e situation. >> reporter: exactly. yeah. i think that was the thing i learned the most here. in everyone of these situations, we have to give them the tools. tonig you'll learn some of those tools. >> we can't wait to see the rest and see whether the other kids
5:20 pm
did. thanks so much. she is also according new laws on bullying. tonight on nightly news, she'll be reporting from belmont, maryland. she'll have more on the perils of parenting on "dateline" at 10:00. when we come right back, some people are being allowed back inside theiromes afer that deadly gas line explosion in california. his heart was racing after scoring a touchdown and then he collapsed. only to come back to life minutes later on the football field after a stranger stepped in. turns out those hand sanitizers may not be himming your chances of catching a ♪
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there is a state of emergency in colorado where firefighters are trying to contain a while fire in the northern part of that state that
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started yesterday morning. it has already destroyed at least two home and some cars. firefighters are hoping to have it contained sometime today. the are still a nufl unanswered questions about that deadly natural gas explosion that leveled a california neighborhood. a pipelne ruptured last thursday, then exploded into a deadly fire ball. the inferno destroyed close to 50 home. and killed at least four people. and investigatorsre still looking for clues as to why the pipeline ruptured and how to prevent a similar incident in the future. just as some residents are allowed to come back home. >> our first goal is to improve safety. if we see ways in which safety needs to be impred and addressed, we will put out recommendations quickly. >> member of congress are expected to hole a hearing this week on the blast. still ahead, a neighborhood turned dispute turned deadly. police say a battle over a speed bump cost a man his life.
5:25 pm
less than 24 hours before voters head to the polls. tonight a look at the underdog still hoping to lock in support in one of prince george's county's biggest races. and how does hard core porn make it
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no o has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris css. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers my job is to listen to and find ways to help.ermen, that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. 've made over 120,000 clai payments,
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more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get ck to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses bp is gonna be here are back to normal... until we make this right.
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montgomery county authority had to disable three pipe bombs found inside an apartment complex. it was found after police went there to investigate a suicide. not clear who made the bombs. new video of a new deadly natural gas explosion in a neighbor near safrancio was aught on a gas station camera in san bruno. you can see it on the left side of the screen. the employees said he heard what he called a whooshing. four people have been killed. 50 home destroyed. northern virginia commuters may have hit a snag as they rode metro this morning. elevators i five have arlington's ten stations were out of service. metro says repairs were made to three of them. but elevators will be out until
5:29 pm
later this week. now let's fast forward to the weather. what a great forecast it is. a great day to get out and about. take a look at this shot. looking beautiful as always. men of blue skies out there. a few clouds. winds at the south to southwest, 15 miles an hour. a very nice night tonight. a niceouple of days as well. highressure around 82 degrees. temperatures, a little bit cooler tomorrow than they were during the day. still a nice day all in all. that four-day forecast, the extend forecast coming up f you one more time in a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. a neighborhood dispute over a speed bump may have led to a murder in fairfax county. it happened in the springfield area. police tell us the suspect and the victim knew each other. pat collins joins us now live with the details. >> reporter: jim, the victim, steven carr, 48 years old. he work at the faa headquarter the victim of what appears to be
5:30 pm
a very strange case of road rage. this is a story about a man who lives in this house. and another man who lives down the street in that house. and a new speed bump on field master drive. how an argument over this hump could have led to a case of murder. >> he kept an eye on all of us here. all of us. he watched our house if we would go away. he would know to check the papers and stuff like that. just a great guy. >> reporter: neighbors say a short time ago the murder victim, steven carr, lobbied fairfax county governnt to put the speed bump in the road in front of his house. they say some people didn't like the bump. they say david patton w lived up the street really didn't like it. that he would drive past carr's
5:31 pm
house and honk his horn in protest. june 11th, it escalate there was an altercation, police say, between carr and patton here in an argument. carr charged patton with assault. that was june 11th. july 11th, august 11 sz, september 11, the two were supposed to go to court this thursday. but police say last night patton came to carr's house, wnt inside and shot and kill his accuser. >> neighbors can't get along sometime. a silly thing like a speed hump can cause a tragedy like this. it doesn't make any sense, does it? >> not at all. >> yeah. a real sad day for the community. >> reporter: the suspect, david patton, 44 years old, charged with murder, held without bond pending further court action in the case. jim, back to you.
5:32 pm
>> pat llins live in springfield. thank you. federal immigration officials are now reinforci a polyto jail illegal immigrants if they're arrested for dui. this follow last week's indictment of an illegal immigrant accused of a deadly drunk driving accident. police say carl was driving in bristol when he crashed into a ca with three ns inside. one died. the others were badly injured. the policy to jail illegals charged with dui has been on the books sice last year. in maryland tomorrow, it's primary elections include a key race to dede who will replace jack johnson after eig years as the prince george's county executive. johnson is returning to the private sector. tomorrow's election includes five candidates and a heavily competitive ra. chris gordon joins us live from lanver with more on this. this is a site you see throughout prince george's county.
5:33 pm
at major intersections, hills dotted with campaign signs. and for the candidates, for a prince george's county executive tomorrow is not only primary day. it marks the finish line. the sheriff knocked on doors before primary day. he is considered one of two front-runners, along with the former state delegate in the poll. but the other candidates in the field of five seeking the democratic nomination for prince george's county executive don't believe those polls. at the headquarters, t team working for the former county councilmember is packing kits for volunteers who will be stationed at more than 220 pollin places on primary day. >> i have to be very strong for this competitiverace. >> reporter: henry c. turner j, a businessman with a military background, is running
5:34 pm
on a coalition for change ticket. turner says the most recent independent poll taken by text to them, a maryland firm, sampled 13,000 voters through text messaging. >> the poll are showing now that i'm leading at 44ers and he is at 28 with michael jackson having fallen substantially off. >> i was calling you personally today to ask for your vote in the ra. reporter: she is working the phones as her volunteers gear up in hope of making history here. >> we have an opportunity to make history. not only electing the first female, the first woman to be elected as county executive in the county. but to bring to bear some of the bes freshest ideas to some of the toughest problems fing the county. democratic party voter enrollment is so heavy in prince george's county, that literally the winner of tomorrow's primary
5:35 pm
will be the next prince george's countyexecutive. aware live in landover, maryland. back to you in the studio. >> okay, chris gordon, thanks. you can be informed before you head to the polls. to go nbc does washington.c. you'll find a sample ballot with the profiles and locations of where you are to vote. the finalection of a major road project, the fairfax county park way, opened today. the two-mile stretch name trooper charles mark cosmetic let memorial. it gives drivers direct access to i-95. this will dramatically improve the commute with the 20,000 new workers moving to ft. belvoir under the base realignment and closure plan. it open to traffic on monday. coming up next, an incredible story. how a spectator in the stands helped bring this high school athlete back to life. plus, some surprising new research out th may explain why so many kids are misdiagnosed with adhd.
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a mere on the football field. pornography appears during a high school power point presentation. and kates use clothing to show-- catholics use clothing to show the pope some love. a star football play in portland, oregon died on the field and came back to life. hean a touchdown and then had a heart attack. a cardiac nurse in the stands ran to his side. she said his heart stopped and he was unresponve for two minutes. she started chest compressions and revived him. he needs heart surgery soon. doctors say heshould be able to play again next yer. a school presentation about the importance of donating blood became a lesson in pornography
5:40 pm
at a high school outside pittsburgh. hundreds of seniors were expecting a power point presentation from a blood bank representative. instead, saw some x-rated photos of men. e blood bank suspended the worker. the school sent home an apology worker with students. and the presentation for the junior class wasanceled. and followers of pope benedict xvi are already snapping up souvenirs of his upcoming visit to the united kingdom. a uk bad company call catholics with attitude is offering t-shirts and sweatshirts with sayings such as, i love papa benny and team benedict. and look at what's coming up at 6:00. here doreen. >> hi. we have a lot coming up. to begin with, an amtrak passenger had a got on the train in lorton ended up dead on the side of the tracks and investigators are trying to figure out if foul play was involved. there could be a new sign of a possible come prom over the
5:41 pm
plans to build the mosque at ground zero in new york. the situation changes almost hourly, it seem, and we'll have the latest at 6:00. us, an offduty firefighters proves that he is always in the job. he saved the lives of two people who didn't realize their homes were burning. >> we'll see new few minutes. still ahead, the skins grabbed a big win last night coming up in sports. lindsay is live at the park. i'm liz congressmen saw. it says natural but is it really? find out what is being done to define natural
5:42 pm
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i'm doug kammerer. we're looking at plenty of sunshine and a bright blue skies. as far as the numbering, take a look. we're sitting at 85 degrees in the district. 86 in frederick. la plata, around 82. and quantico, virginia, at 81. what are we going to be seeing th next couple days? a high of 82 tomorrow.
5:45 pm
another nice day. wednesday, a few more clou especially early. then a high of 81. a chance of a late day shower on thursday. 82 degrees. and right now, friday, an early shower there. the temperatures around 78. as the extended looks right now, it is looking dry. back to you. this is how we like to start off our football season. like this. >> the first is always a sweet win-win. the redskins' first game of the season came down to a final play of the game. did you see it? we can see this over and over again. the proof is in the pictures. we like that. >> the redskins get the win 13-7 over dals. i think that's the part the redskins like the most. it is so big for this team because it validates all the hard work tey put in. they have really bought into coach shanahan in this system. there is a thing now that players are calling shanahan's football. they say it mean you grind it
5:46 pm
out. yo give hard work and hopefully, you get the results. here's what he had to say. >> number one, hopefullyhey wi be scoring a few more points. on the serious side, i just like the mindset of our team going in. they're ready to play. we knew we were playingn excellent football team. a team that is very talented. and he ha to play hard for 60 minutes. >> it was a victory that came down to the wire. three seconds left on the clock. tony romo wit one final chance. third in ten at t 13. romo somehow finds roy williams for what many redskins thought was a touchdown. but thecowboys,al he can was called for holing on brian orakpo to erase what would have been the cowboys' winning score. >> i thought we lost. and then i saw that it was over and i figured -- >> a good time? >> yeah.
5:47 pm
a good te it was. hard to cheer when you thought you lost. >> you go for like, man. finally, the play goes our way. the redskins' defense has settle the tone. they earned this victory. second before halftime. the redskins led 3-0. tony romo facing rst and 20 on the dallas 36. he passes. deangelo hall with the play of the game. strips the ball from troy. he scoops itup, take it home. his first fumble covery for a touchdown. >> kind of funny. a couple plays before, that i know deshard. i went low on him. c blocking. he was like, man, stay up next time. and i stayed up and didn't go try to chop his leg. i just stayed up. seeing a couple guys around him and able to kind of field the ball. seen i floatingon the ground. and rode it around on the gund
5:48 pm
and scooped it up. >> like i told somebody, i normally don't do it. this is dallas cowboys. i took a lot of grief the preseason. and i told guys, come regular season i'll do my best to get it in the end zone. iind of got a little excited. >> it was a solid showing from the redskins' new look defense. working in 3-4 system. while players on defense say they're happy to carry t load, pliers offense know, they've got to step it up. >> we are kind of hardn ourselves and say offensively, we didn't get job done today. we made enough plays and drove the ball and got it moving. >> that's our job, man. to stop those guys from getting in the end zone. i mean, i love being on the field, you know? that's when the action come. it doesn't bother me at all. they didn't put a single point
5:49 pm
on e board and we had to come up with the "w." i love it. >> he loves it. so do the rest of his teammates. the redskins though get ready for a tough opponent in the houston texan who's yesterday put on quite a showing against the colts today. the players have the day off. it is what they call a victory monday. you have to know that has special meaning considering that it was over the dallas cowboys. m? >> our kind of monday. thks. cleaning products, with the word natural. it popped up all over store shelves. >> is the word natural misleading? liz crenshaw is here to tell us what is being done to help define natural. >> reporter: thousands of produs are vying for your trust when it come to claiming natural ingredients. so who oversees the labeling and what are you really paying for when you think you're buying natural cleaning products? natural, pure. >> some of it is just a higher price. sometime it is that much better.
5:50 pm
>> i would pay extra for it, definitely. >> reporter: does the word natural attract you a product for any reason? >> definitely. >> reporter: why would you be attracted to it? >> it doesn't have additives. >> reporter: are you sure? what does natural mean? just about anything, because in cleaning products, the word is not defined. not regulated. >> anyone can really use the word in matial of marketing. granted, it is supposed to be truthful and not misleading. >> reporter: so the natural products assoation decided to clean up the natural cleaning aisle by writing its own definition. th nonprofit served as a third party and has set strict standards. if a product meets those standards, it gets a special spiel consumers can clearly see. >> we want tmake sure it has meaning. >> reporter: their criteria to earn the seal, 95% of the product must contain natural
5:51 pm
ingredients xrk clueding water. the product cannot contain ingredients with a potential health rick. and the organization prohibits a additional animal testing beyond regulatory requirements. finally, the package must be biodegradable. if you looked at this whole cleaning aisle and everyone here wanted your seal, how many do you think would get it today? >> i would say the products calling themselvesnatural, it would be less than 50%. >> reporter: one problem. today company are not required to name all the ingredients label. how, it requires full disclosure and it wants to get rid of those ingredients. >> reporter: i can't say half the words. >> that's the point. >> reporter: in order to earn the seal, 60% of the company's line must be natural. an any company can submit its productsor approval for a fee.
5:52 pm
>> it's $500. it is for two years. it is a review. like an irs audit. >> reporter: color okay green work is the first cleaning product line to earn the natural seal since the organize started testing cleaning products in february. >> we appeal the prett gfl what our seal represents. >> reporter: it's not just cloning products the national association tests. it started giving its natural seal to personal care products such as cosmetics and soap a couple years ago. so take a look at this seal if you're looking for natural to mean anything. if you or someone you know has a child with adhd, you'll want to hear about a new study out of notre dame today. and it is supposed to
5:53 pm
hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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alcohol based hand sanitizers may not help keep awayolds or the flu. researchers at uva looked at 100 people who used a disinfect attendant and 100 who did not. of those with the sanitizer, 42 caught a cold. 12 came down with the u. among those without, 51 caught a cold, 15 got the flu. it was sponsored by dial which make several products. experts say it is still effective against gastrointestinal diseases. cases of tention deficit hirp activity disorder have soared five hundred% since the '80s. >> now they say that they are often medicated for a disorder they don't have. now explaining which children are most at risk. >> reporter: this is bill everybodies' economic stattics class. while he teaches at the college level, he and colleagues at
5:57 pm
north carolina state and the university have michigan join forces to study adhd and why so many more children are being diagnosed and medicated. they spent a area looking at the exact birth dates of 60,000 kids in grades k-12. >> we estimate there are about a million kids misdiagnosed. that they're defining they will as having adhd when really they're just young for their grade. >> reporter: with start dates varying from state to state, it makes a big difference. >> some schools you have to turn 5 in order to start kindergarten. a lot kids will be the youngest kids in the class. if your birthday is right after that, you're going to hole off the ye and you're going to be the oldest kid in e class. >> reporter: using the exact birthdays, the study published suggest children young forheir class are misdiagnosed with adhd at a much higher rate and
5:58 pm
teachers are often making the suggestion of adhd when the problem could be maturity. >> part of the problem is that a lot of the parents are getting their kids diagnosed because the teacher says the kid is acting up in school. so you have to ask, is the kid acting up because of a condition or because they just happen to be young for their grade? >> now evans recommen parents question whether the child's behavior is consistent with the codition or with their age? >> researchers estimate more than 1 million adhd case are misdiagnosed with hundred of thousands of those kids taking unneeded stimulant medication. that's it for news4 at 5:00. good thing. i can't talk anymore. stay right there. news4 at 6:00 is starting rate now. in a suburb of san francisco, they're still looking
5:59 pm
for people who might be missing after a deadly explosion. >> on area neighborhood, a fate over a speed bump may have been the motive for murder. and my, oh, my, what a rolleroaster of emotions at the en of that game. we begin with the last-minute scramble for votes in that hotly contested d.c. race for mayor. goodevening. >> i'm doreen gentzler. mayor fenty and vin cent gray wrapped up the last full y of complaining. now more on the fil effort to get out the vote. >> reporter: it's a cliche that every vote counts but the candidates were out ere looking for every last vote. >> you look beautiful. >> reporter: mar fenty trailing in the lls was sikh every vote he could as primary day looms after two week of early voting that has drawn about 20,000 voters. >> he think that it has been a greattu

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